Preschool Update

We just started Nathan’s 3rd week of school. The first two weeks were an adjustment. The first few times he went by himself he tended to stay by himself and just watch the other kids play for the first hour. Then, when it was time to play outside he tended to warm up and start to play. This morning, however, he absolutely did not want to go to school, and I had to hand him over to his teacher screaming and crying for mommy. That was tough! When I came back to pick him up, he was playing outside with the class as happy as could be. His teacher went over to call him to come inside, and he held her hand and danced with her all the way to the class. It turned out he only cried for about 2 minutes after I left and had his best day yet! He painted and played with the other kids all day! Whew! Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here! The photos below were from his first day of school.

This is my old buddy, Henry!  I’m glad he’s in my class!  His mommy grew up in Corpus Christi just like mine did!

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