Fire Station!

During our 5th day in Austin, we visited Uncle Bill’s fire station! This was a huge hit with everyone – especially little man Nate! Now when he grows up, he wants to be a princess, chef, ballerina, AND a fireman! Daddy is so proud!

Family Shot!

Now you see me!

Now you still see me!  Peek-a-boo doesn’t quite have the same effect with this hat….

Grama makes a very good volunteer fire fighter!

Uncle Bill shows all his gear to a very captive audience!

Check out the cool pants!

Next the jacket goes on – after he wrestled it away from Grama.

Can’t forget the oxygen tank!

And the Darth Vadar mask, of course!

The ensemble is almost complete…

Just needed a helmet and gloves!

Nathan loved watching Bill don all his gear but was very happy to have the helmet back!

I think you’d make a very good fireman/princess/chef/ballerina, Nathan!

Daddy has to get in on the action too!


Group shot!

Checking out the inside of the big truck.

Ok, I’m ready to roll!

Seriously, where are the keys?

Daddy and me!

If I smile big enough, maybe they’ll let me wear the boots and pants…

Anna and Evie inside the fire house.

Pretty girls!

Hanging out in the firehouse with daddy.

See you later engine number 9!

Nathan wasted no time squeezing in between these lovely ladies when we sat down for lunch.

Off to Amy’s Ice Cream for our after lunch treat!

Mmmm… Chocolate and M&Ms!  Sprinkles for Madelin!

Group shot!

Now for a little play time to work off those calories!

Back at the house… Sydnee is up from her nap and ready to swim and play with bubbles!


Nathan feeds an apple to the horse.

Evie and the horse have a staring contest.  Guess who won…

Yum, carrots!

Grama time!

Time to clown around just before bed.

See the family resemblance?

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