Two Year Update!

The changes we’ve seen in the past several months from our little guy have been truly amazing. He soaks everything up like a sponge and definitely has a mind of his own! During his 22nd month he began mastering numbers 0-10 and can now recognize them all and can count anywhere from 2 to 5 objects – depending on his mood, of course. We’ve been teaching him to count with his fingers, and one day about 2 months ago he made an “L” shape with his thumb and index finger, thought for a second, and then proudly stated, “7!” Then he proceded to turn his hand over so I could see he really did make the number 7 all by himself! I have to say, I was amazed with that one! At 16 months he began learning the uppercase alphabet and at this point can identify all of those letters as well as the majority of the lowercase alphabet.

Initally, I wasn’t quite sure what the best way to teach him his colors would be. I started out sorting his toys into piles of different colors, but that didn’t seem to impress him very much. After that we began pointing out the colors of our family and neighbors’ cars. That did it! He immediately learned that mommy’s car is blue, daddy’s is green, grandpa G’s truck is black, grandma Wendy’s car is black, our neighbors Heather and Gigi have green and red cars, grama has a grey car, papa has a white truck, and Big E has a black car! He also loves to yell out the color of the signal lights as we’re driving, but at this point thinks both green and red lights mean “go” – possibly as a result of driving too much with mommy. Just kidding.

After learning the colors of the cars and signal lights, he quickly picked up brown, pink, purple, and for some reason always refers to orange as “orange juice.” We have no idea where he picked that up because he has never had orange juice, and we never have it in the house. Yet, every time he sees anything orange, it’s “orange juice!” The other day, however, Lance told me when they were in the grocery store, he saw a plastic jug of orange juice and promptly called it “yellow milk.” I guess you never can tell.

He is the neighborhood charmer, and loves to have groups of neighbors all around him clapping, dancing and hi-fiving with him. He wants to give a kiss to every baby he sees and has begun telling us when he thinks something is “pretty.” Pretty dress, mommy, pretty flower, pretty hair, mommy! Such a little charmer! He used to give kisses to the little girl, Lindsey, across the street. Now, however, she runs around after him with her lips puckered, and he runs away saying, “all done!” I guess he’s trying to play hard-to-get. We’ll see what happens with those two in the future.

Lately, his favorite things are fire engines and trash trucks. On trash day, the trucks go by all day long, and every time he hears one, he calls out, “Trash truck, hear it! See it!” and then we have to run outside to watch it go by. The driver always waves at him, and Nathan claps and calls out “good job!” every time the truck empties a container. A couple of months ago, we saw some fire fighters out near their truck as we were walking with some friends near the beach. They were nice enough to let us explore their truck, and Nathan got to sit in the driver seat and play with the steering wheel. They even gave him his own hat! That was definitely a huge hit!

He loves to color with crayons and adores the Little Einsteins. He’s all about “Big Jet” and “Rocket” and can name all the characters. Puzzles, tractors, animals, and books are all big hits too.

He can jump, sway, sidestep, and walk backwards, and he loves to imitate mommy doing push-ups, stretching, and running on the treadmill. He stands over me yelling, “more push-ups, 10!” Definitely the toughest trainer I’ve ever had! We’ve started learning some poses from the YogaKids book, and he thinks that’s a lot of fun too.

He watches football on TV with daddy and calls it “running, running, fall down.” I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

Well, that’s the update for now. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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