Our little guy has grown and changed quite a bit this past month. He’s very affectionate and loves to hug and kiss his stuffed animals (mommy and daddy too). His current favorites are his puppy dog and his Mickey Mouse. He makes sure he has them both in the morning when he goes downstairs for breakfast and always makes sure one of them is with him for naps and at bedtime (Mickey is for naps, and puppy is for night time for some reason..).

His balance is getting better, and he’s able to walk on sand now – although he still occasionally falls over. He helps mama with all her daily chores. He puts mama’s shoes away in her closet when he sees them out on the floor, and pulls out daddy’s socks and shoes for him when he’s getting ready for work. He watches mama clean mirrors with a rag and then picks up a washcloth and attempts to clean the cabinets that he can reach. While mama is folding laundry, he goes all around the room and picks up any stray clothes he can find and puts them into the laundry basket. He also likes to shake out clothes like he sees mama do when she’s folding. When I tell him it’s time to get the mail, he says, “key!” because he knows we need a key for the mailbox. As we’re walking down to the mailbox he always finds a leaf with a long stem and calls it “key.” When we get to the mailbox he uses his “key” to try to open one of the mailboxes he can reach.

He’s been saying lots of new words – some easier to understand than others. A few I can remember are: car, box, door, ball, store, key, eat, tree, baby, doggy, cracker (caca) mickey (mee) and minnie (mimi), Charlie (Char), Diva (dee) and of course Roomba (BA!). He still uses his signs for help, more, please, thank you, water, eat, and all done.

He’s a pretty mellow little guy and easily entertains himself with the variety of toys we’ve accumulated – especially since Xmas – thanks to all the grandparents :). Cars and trucks are still his top favorite toys, but he also loves his new piano from Grama and Grampa Lauritzen and his puzzles from all the grandparents as well as the new wooden shape sorter from the Zatopeks and the fridge farm animals from the Castners. Books are still a huge favorite too.

He has several friends we see regularly at the park, and he actually makes an attempt to interact and play with them – not just next to them. He especially loves when slightly older kids are at the park because they interact with him too. He tries to immitate what they do and how they talk, and he loves to burst out laughing when he hears other people laughing too.

He loves to watch The Little Einsteins and occasionally watches the Wiggles too. He has all the movements from Little Einstens memorized and does them before they do them on the show. When he watches the wiggles, he first stands and watches attentively and then suddenly begins doing all the movements he has been watching. The “Hula” episode was a fun one to watch him do!

Hope you will enjoy this month’s photos and videos!

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