Wha’ppen Saturday

Yesterday, there was a pretty good concert in our town center that the builders put on for free in order to lure people into San Elijo Hills and hopefully purchase a home or three. For those of us that already live here it was a nice, no-pressure day at the park with friends and neighbors. The first band was World Anthem. We didn’t get to see them since Nathan was still enjoying his afternoon nap. He did wake up in time for us to catch the second half of Common Sense, who put on a great show. Then, around 5PM, the headliners, The English Beat, took the stage. Awesome! Honestly, that show was one of the best free shows I’ve ever been to, and it was all walking distance from our house, which made it even better.

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  1. Toby says:

    Man, you got to see one of the three greastest ska bands of all time, live and in person. I am jealous. I saw them in San Francisco in 1988 and they kicked ass. Too bad they only seem to “tour” on the west coast. Dave Wakeling is a flippin’ genius. Too bad no more Saxa though, that man is a GOD!

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