Happy Belated Turkey Day!

We just got back from spending the Thanksgiving holiday week in Austin, Texas with all of Dionne’s family. The trip started out with a good omen when Nathan decided to sleep the entire plane trip out and didn’t even make a peep. We spent the first two nights at Erik and Dara’s house and then spent the next two nights at a lake house that Dionne’s parents had rented. We had a massive quantities of very good food including, but not limited to, shrimp, corn-fed beef, turkey, and don’t forget Aunt Marie’s delicious sweet potatoes! The trip was bookended by Nathan sleeping during the entire return flight as well. I hope that we haven’t used up all of our air travel karma as we’ll be doing this all over again when we visit Corpus Christi in a couple of weeks for Christmas!

Click here to see picture from our trip.

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