I’m finally getting around to being 100% again, which is why it took me two days to write about the surprise party that Dionne threw for me for my 32nd birthday. My actual birthday was on the 9th, but since Dionne is finishing up her work for the year, she told me that she wanted to make me a really “special dinner” on Friday when she could devote more time to it. It sounded plausible to me since she has, in the past, spent hours in the kitchen making fantasically prepared meals. I should have been suspicious when she said that I wasn’t allowed to arrive home until 7:15 PM. Trusting person that I am, I believed her. So from work, I called home, like I do every night, to let Dionne know that I was on my way and hoped the dinner preparation was going smoothly. Little did I know just how smoothly it had gone. Fast foward 40 minutes…I arrive home, pull into the driveway, open the garage door, and there is Dionne waiting for me with beer in hand along with half the neighborhood, my sister and her husband, and a handful of my other friends. I was so surprised! The party was totally unexpected and exactly what I needed to close out the week. Thank you, Dionne, for being such a great wife and friend. I love you!

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