All roads lead to…

Rome! Vortex of modern Civilization.
Rome! Fountainhead of culture.
Rome! Blazing pronouncement of mankind’s most glorious achievements.

Dionne and I just got back from eight days in Italy. Our base of operations was Rome, if you hadn’t guessed by now. We walked, metroed, and railed to just about everywhere. Saw a lot of sights, but still need to go back for more! We took a couple of day trips too: one to Ostia Antica and one to Naples/Pompeii. I think I saw more columns, arches, and statues in those eight days than I’ve seen in my entire 31 years on this Earth. We both had a great time and Dionne is already planning our next excursion.

If you have the time to spare, have a look at the 240-some-odd pictures that we took while we were there!

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