Pressure Chief Pre-order

I forgot to mention two weeks ago that Dionne and I went to the horse races in Del Mar on Saturday. It just so happened that it was the day of the microbrew festival as well as a free Cake concert. It was a pretty good day all around. Cake played for about 90 minutes or so, during which time, they played two songs from the new album: No Phone and Palm of Your Hand. I liked Palm of Your Hand a lot, No Phone was a bit repetitive. At any rate, I’m a die hard fan, so I decided to order the album. If you want to order it as well, there’s a good deal at the Sony Music Store that includes a bonus CD.

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  1. Mike says:

    Glad to see that they didn’t change the cover art motif from the previous albums. I saw them about 6 months ago (?), when they played with CHEAP TRICK (how the mighty have fallen!), and they played a new song or two, but overall didn’t seem to have the same energy as before. Here’s hoping they sort it all out on this album.

  2. Lance says:

    Just got the new Cake CD in the mail yesterday. The “bonus CD” has two covers (Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town and Strangers In The Night) and an original song called Conroy that is entirely instrumental, a poor man’s house music if you will. At least it was free, but otherwise not worth the bother of the pre-order. Now on to the album…

    I think my favorite song on the whole album is on the first track, Wheels. Great beat, lyrics, and powerful horn solos. I also enjoyed track 4, Dime, a ballad about a poor little lost dime in a hotel room. Then the album looses my attention with the environmental statements in track 5, Carbon Monoxide. It’s a nice idea, but the song was very forced and has no place on a Cake album. Much like air pollution, this filler song needs to go! The next two tracks kind of bored me, but then tracks 8 and 9 brought my mind back. She’ll Hang the Baskets and End of the Movie are the vintage Cake that we first got hooked on. Then track 10, Palm of Your Hand, comes along, which is one of the songs that they played in Del Mar. Finally, we finish off with track 11, Tougher Than It Is, a nice little ditty with some tasty guitar and trumpet playing between the verses.

    It’s not their best album, but equal in quality to Comfort Eagle in my opinion.

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