Monthly Archives: June 2004

1 Gig of space waiting for $P@M

My good buddy, Mike, was gracious enough the other day to use one of his Google Gmail invitations on me. So far it looks pretty cool, well, as cool as web-based email can get I suppose. I’m using 0% of … Continue reading

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His Fadder was a Mudder

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Today we went down to Held Manor South and enjoyed a nice little Father’s Day celebration with the clan. My sister, Lori, organized a family photo session with one of our … Continue reading

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New Toy

Well I took advantage of Ameritrade’s free Palm Tungsten T3 offer back in May and I finally got my hands on it this week. I love it. It is a huge upgrade from my previous PDA, the good ol’ Handspring … Continue reading

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